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Jeff has a lifelong love of good wine, beginning as he grew up in a home where wine was enjoyed with meals.  In 1979, he and his wife, Julie, and the family moved back to Spokane where he established his medical practice, and joined SES in 1986.  Both Jeff and Julie have served numerous terms on the SES board, both have served as Vice President, on wine and food committees, and Jeff was President in 1993.  Jeff loves to visit wineries & vineyards, in many regions of North America, Eastern and Western Europe.   He considers it a rare privilege to have lived in the Pacific NW as the wine industry exploded from 5 to 500 Washington and 5 to 300 Oregon wineries.  Jeff delights in discussions with winemakers and vineyard workers about arcane details which make their wine unique.  Jeff and Julie cook together for friends, family and each other.  The children and grandchildren demand specific dishes for various family events, and insist that  Jeff to keep a notebook of his many recipes so that he can recreate their favorite dishes without the constant revisionism to which he is given.  Jeff’s favorite wine is always the one which best compliments the flavors of the current meal, and is most enjoyed by those sharing it.

SES Education Director Jeff Snow is writing a series of educational articles on topics related to wine.  These are short discussions on related wine topics.  The first topic is The Life of Wine.  This topic currently has three chapters:  Closures of wine bottles (corks and alternates), Aeration, and Cellaring of Red Wines.  More to follow.

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